Frequently Asked Questions

Our Snacks

Is there dairy in Soft Serve Fruit?

Is there gluten in Soft Serve Fruit?

How is the Dark Chocolate a fruit variety?

Is the fruit pasteurized?

Why do the Pops melt so slowly?

Why does Chloe’s refer to their different “varieties” and not flavors?

What is a Soft Serve Fruit Slushy?

How is Chloe’s different from sorbet, ice cream and frozen yogurt?

What else does Chloe’s produce besides Pops?

Why is sugar added to the Soft Serve Fruit?

How much fruit or sugar is in each Pop?

Where can I find the nutritional information?

Are the Pops in contact with nuts during production?

What is Chloe’s allergen statement?

Are your Pops kosher?

Is your Soft Serve Fruit kosher?

Find Chloe's

Where can I buy Chloe’s Pops?

Carry Chloe's

Does the Soft Serve Fruit work in any soft serve machine?

Do you franchise?

Our Flagship Store

Where are the Chloe’s stores?

Where do you deliver to?

There are no grocery stores that carry Chloe’s near me. Can I order Soft Serve Fruit Pops to be shipped from the NYC Flagship Store?

Does Chloe’s cater? Does Chloe’s cater outside of NYC?

Is your NYC store kosher?

Everything Else

Is Chloe a real person?

Do you offer internships?

There are 2 adorable pups on your Instagram all the time. Who are they?!


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