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Our Story

Chloe and her kids hugging holding pops

How it all started...

When I became pregnant with my first child, I started paying more attention to the quality of the foods I was eating. I was searching for a frozen treat that satisfied my craving without all the artificial ingredients.

After I left my job as an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan, Michael Sloan, my Co-founder, and I started experimenting with fruit in any appliance we could find: juicers, blenders, cuisinarts – you name it! Following countless recipes, tons of frozen bananas and lots of patience, Chloe’s was born using just fruit, water, and cane sugar.

We never could have anticipated what was to come.

Manhattan Store

We opened our first store in NYC serving our irresistible soft serve fruit - a creamy, clean, delicious alternative to frozen yogurt. Soon thereafter, we put our simple mix into pop molds resulting in a delicious frozen pop without anything artificial. We started selling our soft serve fruit and our pops to camps, schools, and entertainment venues making our better-for-you take on frozen treats more accessible to more people.

Pops On Shelf

We quickly realized these uniquely delicious, better-for-you pops were ready for retail and we launched our first boxes of pops in 175 supermarkets in Texas! By 2016 we were in 4,500 markets across the country.


We took Chloe’s on the road and fed beachgoers out East in Montauk, NY for two hot summers.

Chobani Food Incubator

Sharing in Chobani's mission of “Better Food for More People,” we were chosen to be a part of the second cohort of the Chobani Food Incubator in 2017. Selected as a leading brand to disrupt, innovate and inspire a multi-billion-dollar category, Chloe’s continues to collaborate with Chobani and other category-changing brands from the Incubator to bring to market more better-for-you innovations for consumers.

Dipped Pops

With the success of our 7 fruit skus we dipped into decadence and launched our dairy-free dark chocolate dipped pop. 

Licensed Pops

With our licensed pops, we brought the same, simple recipe to a smaller size pop in a larger box signifying a focus on delicious treats that parents can feel great about feeding their whole family.

First Ever Oatmilk Pop

We unveiled the first oat milk based pop on the market! Demonstrating again that it is possible to make delicious and indulgent frozen treats while still being conscious of ingredients.

No Sugar Added Pops

No added sugar, no problem! We added a delicious, artificial-free option without any added sugar.

Over 10,000 Stores
Chloe's pop boxes in a grocery store freezer section

So proud to show off our line up - available in over 10,000 supermarkets nationwide, multiple online grocery sites, and as direct to consumer. Go ahead and treat yourself!

Mini Cookies

We answered your demand for conscious indulgences and portion control with the launch of the first dairy and gluten-free cookie sandwich in MINI form! Mini in size, Big in taste, Low in calories- it's a tasty trifecta!

March 4
New Packaging!

With a growing brand with multiple offerings, we wanted to create a bigger splash in the freezer! We are thrilled with our new, bold, distinct look that is sure to have you seeing red.

New red-hot look - same simple recipe and irresistible taste. And so much more to come!

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