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Winners are based on a formula that weighs the responses BrandSpark received from its online survey regarding each product's appeal and quality, and shoppers' future purchase plans

The Votes Are In! Best Vegan Pop: Chloe’s

Tthere’s not much that plant-based brand Chloe’s can’t pull off. Plus, with flavors ranging from Pomegranate (made simply with pomegrante purée, water, and sugar) and Brownie Batter (with real brownie pieces), it’s truly never been easier to pop off.

Fridge Goals

When I’m sick, only an icy-cold pop will do. These are really yummy, and one has 10 percent of your daily recommended vitamin C. —Becca Miller, associate food editor

Find these new vegan ice cream sandwiches in two delicious flavors—vanilla and chocolate!

Dairy- and gluten-free shoppers, we’ve got a literal treat for you: Chloe’s is making its way to the freezer aisle, with 80-calorie ice cream sandwich cookies.

These mango-flavored popsicles contain minimal ingredients, but maximum deliciousness. The fresh fruit *totally* changes the non-dairy dessert game!

Chloe's oat milk pops are a terrific plant-based option for just 110 to 130 calories and two and a half to three teaspoons of added sugar...

Chloe's taps into permissible indulgence trend with bite-size ice cream sandwiches

Frozen treat brand Chloe's is going bite-size with its latest ice cream sandwich minis to provide an inclusive indulgence option for consumers looking to cool off this summer...

Chloe’s Closes The Gap In The Vegan Market For Healthy Frozen Oat Milk Pops

Chloe Epstein, cofounder and president of Chloe’s, the frozen treats brand, saw a gap in the market and created a treat that was healthy for both parents and children. In 2014, her company became one of the fastest-growing frozen novelty brands in the United States.

Frozen Fever

After getting pregnant with her first child, former Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Chloe Epstein set out to find a clean alternative for her love of frozen treats. But when she couldn't find on, she made one - and Chloe's Fruit was born.

How Chloe’s Pops Became One of The Fastest Growing Frozen Treats in the Grocery Aisle

Co-founders of the additive-free fruit — and now oat milk — treats on taking market share in the booming nondairy dessert category and expansion in national retailers.

Good Day New York

Chloe's Pops and Poptails

Try these fun poptails and pop creations for all of your summer entertaining! Chloe walks you through how to make a margarita poptail, rose poptail, cookies and cream oatmilk iced latte and your own custom dipped pops.

Tampa Bay's Morning Blend

Sweet Summer Eats

When I look for pops, I look for simple ingredients, like those in Chloe’s Fruit Pops - they're made from just fruit, water, and cane sugar! Nothing artificial, no high fructose corn syrup here. So you feel as good about feeding your family these treats as they do about eating them. Kids love the fruit and Marvel inspired pops but Chloe's even offers oat milk based pops, indulgent dark chocolate dipped options, and No sugar added varieties.

Chloe Epstein Talks Healthy Living, Collaboration with Juice Press, and the Hamptons

This summer is super exciting as Chloe’s expands their partnership with Juice Press and brings their Soft Serve Fruit out East. For the first time in several years, Chloe’s signature Soft Serve Fruit will be swirling exclusively for the season in Juice Press’ Southampton Shop. Now you can satisfy that frozen treat craving without all the artificial stuff in a cup or on a stick so as they say, “Go ahead treat yourself!”

USA Today

Meet a Modern Woman: Chloe Epstein

We're making better-for-you snacks more accessible and allowing parents to feel great about the foods they're feeding their families.

15 Best Nondairy & Vegan Ice Creams To Scoop Up This Summer

Are ice pops more your jam? While most of their fruity pops are naturally dairy-free, Chloe's just released a number of creamy options made with oat milk as the base. The flavors include mint chip, salted caramel, and this heavenly raspberry chip combo.

Small Ice Cream Shops & Brands That Are Tackling Oat Milk Ice Cream

Chloe's is a frozen fruit pops brand co-founded by Chloe Epstein, a mom of three and former Assistant District Attorney. Chloe's has a storefront in New York City and sells its products at select grocery stores. In addition to its vegan Fruit Pops and Dipped Pops, the brand now offers Oat Milk Pops.

Enjoy: Frozen Snacks That’ll Keep You Chill Even When the Weather Is, Ugh, Swampy

It’s a scientific fact (probably): nothing is as refreshing on a hot day like a popsicle. So many of your childhood faves are just syrup and a ton of sugar (sorry but true!), but Chloe’s keeps it simple.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With 8 Scrumptious Frozen Desserts, Picked by a Dietitian

Chloe's Fruit Pops are refreshing and taste like real fruit — not some manufactured knock-off — all the while tempering that sweet tooth. And here's why: The ingredients include just fruit, water and cane sugar.

Not Your Kids' Ice Cream: Delicious Ice Cream For Grown Ups

Best Ice Pop Chloe's Pina Colada Pops Coconut water and pineapple puree mimic the cocktail flavor. We may or may not have dunked one in rum for research purposes.

15 Dairy-Free Ice Cream Brands That Taste Like the Real Thing

Chloe’s offers completely dairy free pops for kids and adults of all ages. We love the traditional fruit pops as well as their new Oatmilk Pops.

31 Healthy Store-Bought Frozen Foods To Stock In Your Freezer

Chloe’s has earned our allegiance for both its low-calorie concoctions and the simplicity of its ingredient statements

9 Nutritious Snacks You Can Easily Eat Without Touching

Dairy-free and a refreshing post-lunch or dinner treats, these new frozen pops are available in grocery stores nationwide...

11 Healthy Snacks To Buy To Help With Your Weight Loss

Chloe’s Pops are irresistibly delicious fruit pops made with the simplest ingredients: just fruit, water and cane sugar. That’s it!

Vegan Avengers and Spider-Man Frozen Pops Debut In Grocery Stores Nationwide

The line was created in partnership with superhero media franchise Marvel and will feature Avengers pops in cherry and grape variety packs and Spider-Man stacked pops in strawberry and lemon.

The 6 Best Ice Creams For Weight Loss

Another of Zeitin’s faves, these have just three ingredients: fruit, water, and cane sugar.

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