Is there dairy in Chloe’s Pops?

Chloe’s Pops are made with just fruit, water and cane sugar. No dairy here!

Is there gluten in Chloe’s Pops?

Chloe’s Pops are made with just fruit, water and cane sugar. No gluten here!

How is Dark Chocolate a fruit variety?

We love this question. It is shocking to many that chocolate comes from fruit. Chloe’s Dark Chocolate Pops are made with the seeds of single origin Ecuadorian cacao beans, along with a bit of banana for texture. So our Dark Chocolate is all fruit, all the way.

How is Cold-Pressed Coffee a fruit variety?

Coffee is indeed a fruit that grows on a tree! Coffee “beans” are actually the seeds of the red, juicy, cherry-like coffee fruit.

Why do the Pops melt so slowly?

Our pops melt so slowly because of the higher fruit content vs. our competitors’ offerings and the lack of stabilizers such as carrageenan.

Why does Chloe’s refer to their different “varieties” and not flavors?

We use the word variety because we do not flavor our Pops – they are simply made with different varieties of fruits, no flavoring added.

Why is sugar added to your products?

Cane sugar is added to our pops to helping to give our pops their creamy texture. Without it, they would be too hard to bite.

How much fruit or sugar is in each Pop?

Fruit always comes before sugar in our ingredient list. Each pop contains 12-16 grams of sugar (about as much as a medium apple).

Where can I find the nutritional information for your pops?

Check out our varieties pages for nutritional information.

Where can I find the nutritional information for your soft-serve fruit?

Check them out here.

Are the Pops in contact with nuts during production?

They are not in contact with nuts during production, however they are made in a facility that produces other nut-containing products, on separate equipment. Check out our allergen statement for more details.

What is Chloe’s allergen statement?

Please check out our allergen statement.

Are your Pops kosher?

Yes, our pops are kosher certified by Star K.

Is your Soft Serve Fruit kosher?

Yes, our Soft Serve Fruit is certified kosher by OU.

Are your Dark Chocolate Dipped Pops all dairy free?

YES! We have not added dairy to any of our pops.

There is coconut oil in your dipped pops so they are no longer “nut -free”?

We use a highly refined coconut oil that is non-allergenic.

Are your Crunchy Dark Chocolate Dipped Pops gluten free?

YES! All of our Pops are certified gluten free. We use an organic quinoa crisp to achieve the crunch.

Where can I buy Chloe’s Pops?

Check out our store locator to find a retailer near you.

Where is Chloe’s store?

Chloe’s flagship store is located near Union Square in New York, NY at 25 E 17th Street.

There are no grocery stores that carry Chloe’s near me. How can I get them?

You can request that your local grocer carry Chloe’s Pops by bringing them this letter.

Does Chloe’s cater? Does Chloe’s cater outside of NYC?

Chloe’s caters out of our flagship store for the metro NYC area.

Is your NYC store kosher?

Yes, our store is under the supervision of Rabbi Aaron Mehlman of National Kosher Supervision.

Is Chloe a real person?

100% real. You can read her story here.

Do you offer internships?

Yes, we offer internships at our NYC corporate office year-round. For more information, please email us at internship@chloesfruit.com.

There are 2 adorable pups on your Instagram all the time. Who are they?!

Rudy, a Cavapoo, belongs to our CEO and Otto, a Goldendoodle, belongs to our CFO. They come to work every day along with the rest of us. One big happy family.